About after sale service
Thank you for purchasing from TFRoom! 
We provide after-sale service for most of our items sold including Chinese Brand, Third party Brand.

Please use your Member ID mark from your personal details to fill up the application.

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Request replacement part/Return here: 
TFRoom After Sale Service

Check out the process of your request here:
TFRoom After Sale Service Process

Please pay attention!
After-sale service application must provide pictures or videos, and some products must provide after-sales card, if no pictures, we will not be accepted.

To make it clear and smooth, here's a note for you when you submit your replacement part. 
Please update at least 2 pictures for the following information: 
1. A pictures of the whole figure with defect part circled, 
2. A close view of the defect part. 


Please kindly note we will send the replacement parts with your bulk cargos.
If you want to send a replacement separately urgently, then you will need to pay for shipping.